CSS3 for Web Designers, a new Book from Dan Cederholm and A Book Apart


CSS3 for Web Designers, released yesterday, is the second instalment in A Book Apart’s For Web Designers series of mini books for, unsurprisingly, web designers.
The book, available both as an ebook (now) and a paperback (from 22nd Nov), aims to show designers those aspects of CSS3 which can be comfortably used today, along with workarounds for older browsers which don’t support CSS3 (e.g. Internet Explorer 6.0 through 8.0).

Over six chapters, the book ranges from basic topics such as web fonts, gradients, shadows and rounded corners, to some of the more complicated aspects of CSS3 including advanced selectors, generated content and animations. It takes an almost story-like style, interspersing code examples and explanations with amusing stories, such as a trip down memory lane to the late 90′s and JavaScript image rollovers, and witty analogies, such as “I like to think of CSS transitions like butter”.

Ref. http://www.css3.info/css3-for-web-designers-a-new-book-from-dan-cederholm-and-a-book-apart/

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